Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Special Interests ----Alive And Well In Lisbon

There is little doubt that the vast majority of those voting "NO TO LOW" in the recent election were either members or supporters of the Schools "Special Interest Group" formed to increase School spending.  This same group also had an ineffective petition drive.  They held strategy meetings and initiated a social media campaign and all for one reason-----MORE MONEY FOR THE SCHOOL. They are the very definition of a " special interest group."

It is unfair to characterise those that didn't vote in this election as  being unpatriotic or somehow not caring about democracy. The truth is these people recognized that both a yes vote and a no vote amounted to the same result -- The School Budget being set at $14,880,000 dollars.   They saw through the BS and refused to be a party to the foolishness.

This last vote wasn't about getting more money for the School it was about getting back at the Council and punishing Lisbon Taxpayers by costing them an additional $3,000 dollars in election costs.

 The School Board must stop their bickering and realize they are subordinate to the Lisbon Council. 

Joe Hill

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