Monday, August 17, 2015


In the Sun-Journal for Saturday, August 15, 2015, it reads “Pesce holds a differing view, labeling the majority of the 614 voters who cast ballots in the “extremely low turnout” as a “special-interest” group, a characterization with which Austin takes issue.”  Statements like this reflect the mentality of Pesce and the location of his head. (Austin is Chairman of the School Board)

Voting in an election is the duty of every American and is the backbone of our democratic society.  In everywhere except Lisbon, decisions are determined by a vote of the people.  This is the democratic way.  Lisbon has a Town Council form of government that never listens to the people in a Public Hearing or by their vote.

Our forefathers formed this republic with the concept that the majority should prevail.  Millions and millions of Americans have made the ultimate sacrificed to protect this concept.  Apparently, these Councilors have forgotten or have chosen to ignore this fact. 

The people who care about this community turn out every e
lection and vote in order to make this a better community.  Every resident in the town of Lisbon has the same opportunity.  The fact that the majority of voters elect not to vote is their decision and should never take away from the voters who feel obligated to vote in every election.
Because the results of the election did not support these five Councilors point of view does not make these voters a “special-interest” group. 

It makes them true Americans.

Larry Fillmore

Editors Note:  This article does not reflect the views of  Joe Hill will give his opinion on this matter in a future article.

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