Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sick and Tired of Lisbon School Department's Demands

I am sick and tired of the school department’s “special interest group” and their attempts at strong- arming Lisbon taxpayers.  This group will do anything to get their way. 

Last year  the School told us they needed a new gym so they could hold special events and meets. This year we gave them a new gym and track and  later we found out that we still can’t hold some sports meets due to other factors. Many residents feel we should have been told the entire truth last year.

When the school  got the bond for the new gym they got a lot more money than they needed.  This is frowned upon in the financial world.  By doing this they placed our bond tax exempt status in danger  which if revoked would cost Lisbon Taxpayers thousands of dollars in additional interest charges.

This year Lisbon Councilors made a genuine attempt at cutting your taxes. The Councilors cut over $300,000 dollars from the Municipal budget and have held the School side to a similar percentage cut.  I think they should be commended for not bending to the demands of  Lisbon School’s “special interest group’.

I resent the attitude I have been hearing from the School side of Lisbon Government.  It is as if they feel they are in control of this town and the Councilors must do as they order.  Its time for the School to realize they are under the financial control of Lisbon Council.  

At a couple of Lisbon Council Meetings I heard parents threatening to leave Lisbon if their school needs weren't met. I think this may be the solution to our tax problem.  Few families in Lisbon pay enough in residential taxes to pay for even one of their children's school costs. Hmmm.

I am willing to pay for my share of our children's basic education. I am not willing to give our School Department a blank check and have the tax rate rise to a point where people lose their homes to a greedy School Department. 

I think we should call and thank our Councilors for the good job they have done on this years budget. I for one will be voting them back into office if they run this November. 

I think the School Department should stop their childish bickering and start working on bringing their academic ratings up from a "D" to a "C" or better. That would be a much more constructive way of using their time.

Joe Hill  LisbonMaine.Net

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