Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Is there anyone but me concerned that School Street is being used as a speedway? Cars, trucks, motorcycles  come off Route 196 and are going 40-50 miles per hour before they hit Vining Street! ! ! 
The 25 miles per hour speed limit sign is completely ignored.
I feel like the School Street Police when I yell at speeders to slow down.
I complained to the police department a few years ago.
They placed the mobile sign noting the speed limit and
mph of the vehicle. Drivers slowed when they saw the sign,
and speed as usual after the sign was gone.
I made a formal complaint with the Town Manager Mrs Barnes
this afternoon and asked if speed bumps could be installed at
the west end of the street?
I shall be making that request at the Tuesday
September 1, 2015 Town Council meeting.
If anyone else is concerned, please call the police department
at 353-2500, or the Town Manager at 353-3000, extension 104.
Dot Fitzgerald

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