Thursday, August 27, 2015

ROBBED AGAIN!!!! -- by Larry Fillmore

The citizens of Lisbon are robbed again of their right to settle disputes.  The Town Council consisting of Chairman Dillon Pesce and his four minions has successfully striped the people of Lisbon, the right to hold a Special Town meeting required by paragraph Section 8-11(d) which reads “Special Town Meeting.  The qualified voters of the Town shall have the power to reconsider any budget appropriation at a special Town meeting called by petition.  The petition must cite the specific appropriation(s) to be included in the warrant for the special Town meeting.”

Since Chairman Pesce could not allow this to happen, he had the Town Attorney provide a legal review that said the School Budget approved by the Regional School Unit (Town Council) does not meet this requirement.  However, this paragraph does not state an approved budget appropriations.  It simpley says ANY budget appropriations.  A legal review is not etched in stone but just an opinion by an attorney.  We all know what opinions are like.

There are very few individuals that have the money or time to sue the Town so stupid rulings like this goes unchallenged.  A judge is the final determining authority in cases like this.  In order to keep these guys honest, it is essential to take them to court regardless of the cost.

As a result of no one challenging this ruling, the Town has committed taxes which eliminate any chance of increasing funding to the School budget.  Now, no matter how many elections are held (at approximately $3,000.00 tax dollars) the end result can never change. 

Chairman Pesce and his four minions have caused the School Department to live with a budget the Town Council approved.   This budget was never approved by the people and according to state law has to continue until it does.  This means taxpayers are going to be wasting $3,000.00 each election with absolutely no chance of affecting a change, thank you Chairman Pesce, Councilors Bickford, Metivier Brunelle and Crafts.  These councilors ignored the Town Charter, again.

The only losers here are the students in our school system.

Larry Fillmore

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