Monday, August 31, 2015

Our Taxes went Down This Year Thanks to 5 Councilors Refusing to Submit To The Demands of the School's "Special Interest Group"

Councilor Pesce and most of the other Councilors are not responsible for the ambiguity of charter section 8-11D.  I am sure that in the future the Councilors will address this confusing section and make the necessary changes to make the section more clear for everyone. 

When the Council looks at the budget they see the large picture and represent all of Lisbon's residents.  When the School looks at the budget all they see is how much money they can get for their special interest, the School.  

Today I received my 2015-16 tax bill and thanks to Lisbon Councilors holding the School Department to the same standard they held the town side of the budget, my tax bill went down $200 dollars.  If the School had their way my tax bill would have been as much or more than last years taxes.

I think the Councilors should be commended for the good job they have done this year.  There are more cuts that need to be made but at least our taxes are starting to go down and most of the thanks goes to 5 Councilors that refused to submit to the demands of the Schools "Special Interest Group".

I think anyone that wants to send their tax cut to the school should be allowed to do that. I don't think people should be made to send more and more money to a School Department that returns D's and C's to the residents.

Its time for a little School accountability.

Joe Hill

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