Wednesday, August 26, 2015

IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!! -- by Larry Fillmore

Have you ever stopped to wonder; why all the Referendum Questions on a ballot are always “Non-Binding”?    This is because if the people disagree with the Town Council then the Town Council can ignore the very people whom elect them.  This way, the Town Council never has to comply with the people’s wishes.

Our Constitution guarantee the rights of the people.  It makes sure than the voice of the people is heard but what it does not guarantee is that the governing board has to comply with the voice of the people.  This is exactly what Chairman Pesce and the Town Council does every day.   The Town Council allows the people to speak in Audience Participation but then turns around and totally ignores what the people have to say and simply do as they please.  There are so many examples of this it would be impossible to list them all.

Take a look at your ballots while you are voting and you will see that all Referendum Questions are non-binding.  If they are non-binding, why are they on the ballot?  Why waste our time and money if these questions are non-binding?  Any questions worthy of going on the ballot should ALWAYS be binding.

The problem is the Town Council does not want to lose control.  Can you imagine Councilors actually respecting the voice of the people?  Councilors, doing what the majority of their constituents want; would be a new and unusual concept in Lisbon.  Councilors do not understand their roles in local government.  Councilors, once elected, must do what is best for the community as a whole.

If you are not serious about knowing the answer, you should never ask the question.  If you take the time to ask the people what their feeling are; you should abide by the majority.  There should never be anything on the ballot that is not binding.

Call your Councilors and tell them to stop placing non-binding referendum questions on the ballot.
Larry Fillmore

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