Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Chairman Pesce, Councilors Metivier, Bickford, Crafts and Brunelle have forced the taxpayers to come up with additional tax dollars.  These five Councilors had a perfect opportunity to reduce our taxes by $334,372 or roughly $.60 in our milrate.  These numbers were provided to me by Chairman Pesce and Town Manager Barnes via email back on May 12, 2015.

If you couple this with the School Department coming in flat, the taxpayers would have received a reduction in taxes this year.  However, Chairman Pesce and his four minions could not live with that so they started a war with the School Department.  Now, these Councilors are going to begin the process of committing the tax process so that no further action can be taken by the VOTERS to approve a School Department Budget. 

This action will force the School Department to have to live with the $14.88 million dollar budget.  In order to operate this coming year, the School Department will have to reduce the staff or cut some or all of the sports programs.  Either way the School Department has to go, our students will have to suffer the loss. 

These five councilors created this situation and should be held totally responsible.  I have discussed this situation with some of these councilors and they are passing the buck by placing the blame on Superintendent Green for not meeting their demands.  In other words, it was the Councils way or the highway.  The real loser here is the Town of Lisbon because our educational level is going to suffer in order to meet these Councilors demand; all because the people approved a Gym instead of a Public Works garage.

Keep in mind these Councilors name:  Pesce; Metivier; Bickford; Crafts and Brunelle and every time you see them you can thank them.  I personally will never vote for any of these individuals again.  Chairman Pesce is up for re-election this November but he is not in my District.

I believe a Special Town meeting is in order to overturn the Town Councils amendment to the School budget.  However, Chairman Pesce will never allow this to happen.

Larry Fillmore 

Editors Note: This is not the opinion of LisbonMaine.Net My interpretation of these events  Here

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