Tuesday, July 14, 2015

WHO CAN WE DEPEND ON? by Larry Fillmore

Several years ago, the State of Maine approved the use of “Fireworks” within the state.  However, the state left it up to the Municipalities to establish their own Ordinance to control the sale and use of Fireworks within their boundaries.  Lisbon established an Ordinance (Article II, Section 24-31, Sale and use of consumer fireworks) for the community to follow.  This Ordinance is very specific on the times fireworks can be utilized within the community.  The dates, times and restrictions are outlined in Sec 24-31(b).

During the 4th of July and Moxie weekend, fireworks could be heard throughout the community at all hours of the day and night.  As good neighbors, it is our responsibility to comply with the hours designated by this Ordinance.  Unfortunately, this did not occur over this period.

This Ordinance has provisions for citizens who violate this Ordinance.  However, it appears that this Ordinance is not enforceable.  Chief Brooks stated that when this Ordinance was approved that there would be an educational period where the police would provide warnings in order to make everyone aware of this Ordinance.  The Ordinance has been in effect for two or more years now and we should be out of the warning period and into the enforcing period.  So the question is:  Is the Police Department fining violators or letting them off with a warning for violations of the Ordinance?

By the sound throughout the evening hours of Moxie weekend and the 4th of July, I can safely say they are not enforcing this Ordinance.  This leaves the Town Council with two options:  either repeal this Ordinance because it is not enforceable or charge the Police Department with enforcing the Ordinance.

Either way, something has to be done to protect the community and its citizens.
Larry Fillmore

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