Tuesday, July 28, 2015


In a previous article, I wrote that I was sure that there would be technical difficulties with the video of Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.  As I stated previously, Chairman Pesce and the rest of them should be ashamed for the character assassination of Superintendent Richard Green by Mr. Karass, the Finance Director.

But what is even more despicable is how the other Councilors, Town Manager and Town Attorney sat there and made no attempt to stop this clear violation of the Council Working Rules.  I was, of the understanding, that the town is paying the Town Manager and Town Attorney a great deal of money to advise the Council.  Character assassination of anyone is totally disrespectful and to utilize it to justify the Council furthering their vendetta of the School Department shows how low these Councilors really are.  When, I make that statement I do not include Councilor Garrison or Lunt.

The video of this act and the fact that there were TWO Executive Sessions did not play on Friday night.  And I do not know if the people at home will ever see how phony some members of the local government are.  The taxpayers are paying hard earned money and deserve better treatment.

Whenever the Council does not want the people to see what, did or did not take place at a Town Council meeting, there are always technical difficulties with the video.  This has happened numerous times and always when there is a controversy. 

 Isn’t that strange!??!

I guess that the question “transparency or technical difficulties” has now been answered.  The town of Lisbon is slowly going back to the Eldridge era where so many issues were hidden behind closed doors from the people.

Larry Fillmore

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