Thursday, July 2, 2015


At last night’s Town Council workshop, the Town Council had a discussion on the Medical Marijuana Ordinance.  This discussion did not amount to anything.  I say this because the Council restricted their discussion about whether or not to have a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Lisbon.  They totally ignored the fact there is a second part of this issue that was brought up by a couple at another meeting.

There is a second part of this Medical Marijuana issue called Care Giver Unit.  A Care Giver Unit is strictly controlled by the state.  Also the major difference between the two is that users come into the Dispensary to get their marijuana and in a Care Giver Unit the marijuana is delivered to the patient.  This eliminates the opportunity for marijuana users to come into the dispensary.

However, the Town Council does not want to include the Care Giver Unit option in the town’s Medical Marijuana Ordinance.  So the Town Council wants to put a Referendum Question on the November Ballot asking the people for their opinion on if they want a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in town.  Chairman Pesce made it very clear, when this was suggested by other Councilors, the Referendum Question would be non-binding.  This makes it possible for the Town Council to do whatever they want regardless of what the people say.  You know like the non-binding Referendum Question we were asked in November 2011 about if we want to vote on the Municipal budget.  The vote was 2,025 yes and 514 no and have we voted on the Municipal budget, yet.

I made a suggestion that the town send out with the tax bill, a flyer asking the people if they want a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in town.  The town could also ask if the people wanted a Care Giver Unit in town, at the same time.  It is my belief that if you put anything on the ballot it should be binding and decided by the vote of the people.

Having the Town Council ignore the wishes of the people with a non-binding Referendum Question is just plain wrong.  If the Town Council knows up front they are not going to listen to the wishes of the people, then they should never waste the people’s time with phony questions that have no meaning.

Please call your Councilors and tell them how you feel on this non-binding verses binding Referendum Question on the Ballots.

Larry Fillmore

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