Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Last night the Town Council held a workshop and this is a summary of what took place.  First and foremost, it was good to see Council Mark Lunt again after a long illness.  Welcome back, Mark!

The Council discussed four items and as in every workshop there is NO voting.  No final decision was made.  The purpose of a workshop is to discuss the subject matter and see if the Council needs additional information in order to render a decision.

1.    Trail Parking – Mark Stevens provided several options with a couple being the area behind the ETTI building on Capital Avenue and another being somewhere on Davis Street.  Two areas were discussed.

2.     Trail Signage – Chairman Pesce mentioned the fact that there are no signs identifying the location of our trails.  Mark Stevens recommended applying for signs from Maine DOT as one option.  Also Public Works will be posting mile markers and there will be four (4) bike rack put along the trail.

3.    Fireworks Ordinance – Town Manager Barnes announced that she has instructed the Police Department to stop issuing warnings and start issuing citations for illegal use of fireworks.  Citizens are still violating our town ordinance as far as the days and times.  Council Garrison has made several administrative recommendations to bring the town ordinance in line with the state ordinance.  One important change is that you have to be 150’ from any occupied dwelling.

4.    Camera /Fuel Pumps – The Town Manager Barnes provided several bids for cameras to be place to ensure only authorized users are receiving fuel and to protect both the Public Works garage and the Transfer Station.  The Council reviewed the documents and asked numerous questions that they need answers on. 

This concluded the workshop.

Larry Fillmore

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