Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Recently, the Town Council voted to have the Tideview Group perform a staffing assessment of Lisbon Police Department.  I have reviewed Mr. Joe Hill’s article and I concur with everything Mr. Hill pointed out.  I also have some questions about this evaluation. 

The following are items I would like to see addressed by the Town Manager:

1.     If this is a staffing assessment, why is there no reference to the support staff?  Chief Brooks has openly admitted to having one Administrative Assistant and two part-time Secretaries.  I do not understand why so many Secretaries.

2.    The Administrative Assistant’s job description contains at least half of the duties in the Communication Center.  Chief Brooks stated during an Ethics Panel inquiry that she no longer performed those duties.  If this is true, why are we paying her for NOT doing these duties?

3.    Under the section on Patrol Staffing, it states that Patrol Officers have an average of 30-40% of “unobligated time”. 
Based on these figures, this mean that 1/3 of a Patrol Officers time during a shift is “unobligated time”.  This time could be better utilized in helping our Detective solve open cases.  

4.    Under Duties and Responsibilities there is no indication as to who is responsible for establishing schedules of Patrol Officers.  Also, there is no indication as to who is responsible for ensuring these Patrol Officer are productive their entire shift.  Closer supervision of these Patrol Officer would eliminate or drastically reduce the “unobligated time”.

5.    There is no listing of the number of Reserve Officers available.  These Reserve Officers could be trained by utilizing Forfeiture Funds to raise their knowledge to the required level of a Patrol Officer or even a Sergeant.  These Forfeiture Funds should be used to raise the level of our Patrol Officers to reduce the need for direct supervision all the time.

6.    These Reserve Officers could conduct ride-along with experience Officers to gain the experience needed to perform in the field.  This too could be paid out of the Forfeiture Funds and will enhance our Police Department.

All of these six suggestions are made to directly correct the mismanagement identified in the Tideview Group report.  Management of any department starts with the Department Head.  Chief Brooks has to reevaluate the current policies of the Lisbon Police Department and realign it with the findings with the study.

By reducing the 30-40% “unobligated time”, the Police Department will be able to devote additional time to solving open cases.  If properly implemented, the town will be able to eliminate a Patrol Officer.

Larry Fillmore

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