Thursday, June 4, 2015

Will Lisbon Taxpayers Be Forced To pay both sides of This Law Suit?

On May 30th the following people,

Kasie Kolbe -- Dean Willey--- Marcey Crosskill--- Nicole Sautter

Norman Albert ---Angela Shambarger--- James Harriman ---Michelle Houston and Lorrie Potvin

 formed a "Petitioners Committee" and started to collect petition signatures to hold a "Special Town Meeting" in an attempt to override the Town Council's reduction in the proposed school budget . The Committee collected  and submitted over 700 signatures to the Town Clerk.

On June 3rd the petition was certified as being "insufficient" (rejected) for the following reasons:

*** Because it was not filed within the 15 days period following the legal adoption of the  budget. 

***And because a Special Town Meeting to reconsider a school budget approved by the Council and voters would not be consistent with the Statutory and Charter requirements for adoption of school budgets. 

I heard a rumor that the Committee's  next step is to sue the Town using School Department money to pay for the legal representation.  I hope this isn't true.  If School Department money is used to sue the Town  we will have a situation in which the Residents of Lisbon will be paying money to sue themselves. 

I feel the above named committee has every right in the world to sue the town  if they are paying the bill. But Lisbon Residents shouldn't be required to pay for both sides of  the lawsuit.

Joe Hill

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