Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This is a summary of the Town Council meeting for June 2nd.   The following agenda items under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances was approved by a vote of 7-0:

1. Request to prepare an RFP for Paving, Road Striping, Library Brick Repointing & purchase of used 4x4 Pickup Truck.
2. Request for disposition of town owned property.
3. Sewer Department Mower.
4. Beaver Park Trailer Expenditure.
5. Acceptance of Utility Poles for the purpose of hanging banners.
6. Moratorium Ordinance prohibiting marijuana dispensary facilities (Second Reading).  Councilor Metivier wanted to include caregivers in this ordinance but was voted down by a vote of 3-4.  Councilor Pesce wanted the moratorium to be for 90 days and not 180 and this amendment was approved.  And finally the original agenda item was approved 7-0 with the 90 days amendment.
7. Schedule workshop for Ordinance prohibiting marijuana dispensary facilities.  A workshop was approved for June 30, 2015.
8. Lisbon Cemetery Committee (First Reading).
9. Lisbon Cemetery Ordinance (First Reading).
10. Itinerant Vendor Ordinance (First Reading).
11. Treasurer’s Turnover Audit. Was approved with a $10K limit.
12. Policy & Procedure for the Fiscal Administration of School Accounts Payable and Payroll.
13. Request to solicit bids for Pierce Apparatus

The following items were tabled:

1. Renewal Itinerant/Mass Gathering Permit – Riverside Flea Market – James & Paulette Carville.
2. Renewal Itinerant/Mass Gathering Permit – Positive Change Lisbon (PCL)

The following agenda item was scheduled for a workshop on June 30, 2015.  Fee Schedule.

The following agenda item was announced.  Detective Position.  Detective McAllister has taken a position with the Androscoggin District Attorney’s office.  The Council did not take any action on filling this position under the Police Survey is completed and the findings announced.  

Under Other Business – The Town Manager had no report.  The Atlantic Salmon Federation Upper Dam Report gave a presentation on several options to resolve the issues at the Upper Dam.  The Council took no action awaiting the final report on the project.

Larry Fillmore

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