Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This is a summary of the Town Council meeting for June 16, 2015. The following agenda items were approved by a vote of 7-0:

Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1. Acceptance of the 2014 JAG/Byrne Grant for $2,433.00 and $875.80 of forfeiture funds for vests.

2. Beaver Park Cabin Rental. The Council approved Cherie Garnett and her family to occupy the Beaver Park Cabin. The contract will be worked out with the Town Manager and the Garnett family.

3. Town Owned Land. The Council approved with an amendment to sell the land listed. There are eight properties.

4. Permission to Close Street for Moxie Festival. This was approved by the Council.

5. Set School Budget Referendum. The date was set for August 11, 2015 for the next vote on the School budget.

6. The County Charter. The Council voted to support the other towns in the dispute with the Commissioners.

7. School Capital Reserve Request. The Council approved the use of School Capital Reserve funds for upgrading the High School and Lisbon Community School wireless system.

Sheriff Samson provided an update on the consolidation of the two Communication Center and to seek the go ahead on the project by the Council because they are applying for a Federal Grant and wanted to include Lisbon. The Council voted to go ahead with the project.

The Banner Policy was tabled for another meeting.

Under Other Business – The Finance Director provided a legal review on the use of Excess Bond Proceeds. The Council discussed the timeline for the School Budget Referendum.

Under Appointments – Jim Lemieux resigned from Planning Board.Karen Paradis was renewed as a Planning Board Regular Member.

Sally Lunt and Claire Paquette were renewed as Library Governing Board.

Lorraine Wright was renewed on the Ethics Panel.

Don Fellows and Miriam Morgan Alexander were renewed on the Assessment Review Board.

Bruce Marshall was renewed on the Appeals Board.

Larry Fillmore

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