Friday, June 5, 2015


The Town of Lisbon began to lose its freedom of speech  with former Councilors Lori Pomelow and Michael Bowie.They changed the Council Working Rules and prohibited  people from speaking on agenda items after the sponsor explains the reason for the item.  This change caused the people to address agenda items before understanding why they are changing something and is totally ridiculous.  This change marked the beginning of the end. 

Next the Council placed a non-binding referendum question on the ballot.  The understanding at that time was the Council would comply with the results of the referendum question. The people voted over 2,000 to over 500 in favor of voting on the Municipal budget but to this date, the people still cannot vote on the Municipal budget.
In accordance with the law, the Town Council provides Public Hearings on various items to include the School and Municipal budgets.  The residents show up and voice their opinion and the Town Council totally ignores them and does whatever they want.  In the past three years, the people have had issues with these budgets and every time they are ignored.  The law requires the Council to hold Public Hearing for the purpose of allowing the people to speak but nowhere in the law does it say the Council has to comply with the wishes of the people.

During Audience Participation at every Town Council meeting, residents express their opinions on agenda and non-agenda items.  But once again, they are totally ignored by the Council.

The Town Council says that the Charter is there for the people to utilize when they have an issue such as the Council changing the bottom line of the School Department budget.  However, as demonstrated recently no matter what the peoples’ wishes are, the Council will find a way to harass or punish the people for challenging the Council’s authority.  718 signatures were gather recently in less than 48 hours and gave a clear indication of the desires of the people and yet this action was thrown out on a play on words.  

It is very apparent that voicing your opinion is a waste of time because the Town Council does not listen.  We are at the mercy of the Town Council and the only relief is to vote them out in November and hope and pray to get a new set of Councilors that will listen to the people.

Larry Fillmore

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