Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mainstream media propaganda in America

By Don Cobb

Clearly ABC, CBS and NBC are no longer reliable, unbiased news sources, and neither are CNN or MSNBC. If there was any doubt about this fact, it was proven during the 2008 Presidential primaries, campaigns and elections and continues to bear out over the months since the election. There was nothing unbiased about CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC's coverage of the 2008 Presidential election as all of these networks worked openly and feverishly to get Barrack Hussein Obama elected. They didn't feign objectivity nor did they attempt to hide their bias. There was no "fair and balanced" or unbiased journalism taking place on the big three networks. The vast majority of Americans in a recent poll acknowledged knowing that the mainstream media was instrumental in getting Obama and Co. elected, which mean those networks are no longer reliable, unbiased news sources but are propaganda machines.


Remember back in the day when the Communists openly used propaganda to demonize the USA? Russia, China, Cuba and other Communist countries have always used propaganda to dissuade their citizens from learning what The United States of America, the Melting Pot of the World was really all about. Why this mass manipulation of public opinion against the USA? Propaganda can be very effective in controlling the masses and in manipulating public opinion. In this case, the Communists didn't want their citizens to emigrate to the Land of the Free, and quite the contrary, they wanted to foster hatred toward the U.S. Germany used propaganda to convince an already bigoted populace that Jews were less than Human, of no value, and eventually German propaganda led the German citizenry to believe that Jews needed to be killed, that killing Jewish families was a good idea. It was the power of propaganda that convinced and brain-washed the German citizens into supporting the Genocide which resulted in more than 6 million Jewish families being slaughtered, gassed and murdered.


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