Sunday, June 28, 2015

Liar, Liar! Mainstream Media Won’t Like This One

News is comprised of a few stories amplified across a vast network of media owned by a very few. And here’s the proof

 Fri, Jun 26
You know who's line they tow
People back home ask me; “Why are you on Putin’s side?” Well, a simple browser function called a “screenshot” speaks volumes on that. I don’t like lies, and especially those that get people killed. What’s more I hate spoiled sports and unsportsmanlike conduct. Putin, he’s the best sportsman among our world’s leaders. But most people already know this.
Concerning the news where you live, here’s that screenshot I mentioned. You’ll note that Google News presents the several hundred million with just what the US State Department ordered, and not a lot more. Isn’t it interesting how Military Times fits nicely into the top spot in my browser?
This is what you see every day if you read news in America or the UK.
Russia’s staggered economy, Putin bent on an arms race, these and other rumors have now been fed to Americans for 18 months, and with scarcely a whimper of “foul” or of “hey wait a minute” even from citizens. And my colleagues and friend carry on, as if this does not matter. Well it does matter! If they will swallow this, then there is no hope for a free America. You know the rest of the story from the history books.
For now though, let’s look at what Mr. Putin is really up to today, shall we? I mean since we are all so terrified and curious about his next move! About 6 hours ago Mr. Putin did hold a briefing session with the permanent members of his security council. In that meeting, though Yahoo News and the rest failed to notice, Putin quizzed Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the takeaway from his Paris meetings. Lavrov iterated on the consensus:
“On the whole, it was not useless because even despite certain wrangling during the discussion, the main outcome was the acknowledgement of the fact that there is no alternative to complete fulfilment of the Minsk Agreements.”

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