Monday, June 15, 2015

Lets Act Like The Adults We Should Be ------- by Joe Hill

For years now Lisbon Taxpayers have been telling Lisbon Councilors to cut taxes and as we all know that means cutting spending. Recently the Council acted on those taxpayer requests and set reduced budget goals for both the municipal and school department  budgets.  As a result of our Councilors efforts to keep taxes low they have been called childish names, their manhood sexuality and intelligence have been placed in question and some have even threatened their jobs.  This kind of behavior reflects badly on Lisbon.

While both sides of this debate have shown their displeasure with their opponents views only one side, the SCHOOL SIDE, has resorted to the nasty name calling, bullying and threats that have made us all feel uneasy the last few weeks.

Lisbon is the third highest taxed Town in Androscoggin County. A few months ago we learned the results of those high taxes when Lisbon released a foreclosure list with over 50 names of our friends and neighbors.  A few weeks ago the Town Manager informed us of 4 foreclosed properties Lisbon placed on the market.  All 4 of these properties had Lisbon residents still living in them. 

 Lisbon taxpayers are justified in their rage over high taxes and our Councilors are trying their best to reduce our tax burden.

Some on the School side of this debate point to more cuts that could be made on the Municipal side of the budget.  I agree with them the Council should and probably will cut more on the town side when the "Police Study" comes back to give them the information they need for the cuts.

I am sick and tired of the rhetoric, if I hear another person trying to portray the Council as a group of mean men picking on those least able to defend themselves I am going to vomit. The truth is the children and parents are probably the strongest special interest group in town. This was proven when over 700  petition signatures were gathered within a couple days.

 The Council is not trying to stop the people from voting on the School Budget, The Council is just trying to stop a special interest group from dictating to the rest of Lisbon what the School Budget will be. The council is doing its job.

I don't think anyone would deny we have a social contract with our children. We have an obligation to do our best to help educate them and prepare them for life .We also have an obligation to the taxpayers in town that are being taxed out of their homes to pay for a New Gym, Track or anything else that we cannot afford. When 
two obligations collide we have to look at the costs associated with each and spend our money wisely.

I hope you won't let the intimidation stop you from contacting your Councilors and letting them know you support them.  Its time to stop this nonsense.

Joe Hill

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