Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Recap Town Council Meeting 5/19

There were approximate 200 Lisbon Residents at last nights Town Council Meeting, most of whom were there to support the School and the Schools proposed new budget.

Dozens of students along with numerous teachers, parents and residents took to the podium to urge the Council to approve the proposed school budget.  While most speakers were civil a few did resort to name calling. One gentleman said " Don't send a boy to do a mans job", while looking directly at the Council Chair.  Several other people threatened the Councilors with recall or voting them out of office.  Almost all in attendance were very pro School budget.

After a couple hours of taking comments from the public the Council voted down the Schools proposed budget. The vote was 5 to 2 with Councilors Lunt and Garrison  voting to pass the budget. The Council was adamant that they didn't want to use over $300,000 dollars of excess gym bond money toward the budget. The Council also reduced by two thirds the amount of money the school wanted to use from the capital account.

This raises the question ...will the School Board have enough time to bring another budget before the Council before the June election?  If not it will cost the town approximately $3,000  for a new election.

Joe Hill

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