Thursday, April 9, 2015


Last Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting, after the Executive Session was over Chairman Pesce made a statement pertaining to what he call misinformation about E. Ryan Leighton.  The first point was that even though Ryan Leighton was not a qualified engineer; he could work on projects with a cost of up to $100,000.00 before the town had to hire a Licensed Professional Engineer.  This has been reported several times by The Lisbon Reporter.

Chairman Pesce also stated that the rumor that Ryan Leighton had embezzled money from the town were false.  I personally believe this is how one defines “embezzlement”.  My definition is if you take money under false pretenses.  Ryan Leighton was receiving money as the Town Engineer when according to the state he is not an “Engineer”.  This brings up a good point:  If we do not have a Town Engineer; why do we have the position.  Why not eliminate the position and save the money?  Several months ago the Town Council approved an Engineering Firm to fulfill this requirement at approximately $75.00 per hour.   So tell me again, why we need to retain Mr. E. Ryan Leighton in this position.

Now, I am going to try and put this in perspective for everyone.  The department that brings in the most revenue is the Recreation Department.  This year the revenue proposed is $130,100.00 and the Recreation Department has surpassed this goal with three months left.  The department Head for the Recreation Department received this year approximately $48,000.00.

E. Ryan Leighton, who received approximately $79,000.00 for this year has cost this town plenty.  On his watch, the town was fined by the DEP, the State charged additional funds for modifications on the trail and there was a fire at the Public Works garage.

Mr. Leighton was made Public Works Director when Button Beal was doing an outstanding job as the director.  Mr. Beal retained his salary but given a different title.  Mr. Leighton was given an additional $5,000.00 if my memory serves me right.  The purpose was to consolidate and save money but no money was saved

It would appear that the wrong person has the higher salary.  Mr. Mark Stevens who has repeatedly generated more revenue for the town is paid considerable less.  All revenue that is over the expenditures goes directly into the General Fund.

Can someone please tell me why Mr. Leighton is still being paid as an engineer?

Larry Fillmore

 Editors Note: 
Bottom line, we are paying almost $80,000 dollars a year for an unlicensed Town Engineer.

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