Monday, April 6, 2015

Is the Town Council Attempting to Disqualify a Finance Committee appointee for Political differences?


The Town Council, tomorrow night, is going into Executive Session to discuss appointments to the Finance Committee.  This would appear to cover up the real reason to exclude a volunteer from the Finance Committee.  This has never happened before so why now?

The only discussion that should be taken is that of the qualifications of the candidate.  The personal views of a candidate should not be brought up in this discussion.  A lot of people may believe that it is critical but remember once elected or appointed the individual has to take an oath of office in which their opinions are no longer to be considered.  Upon taking the oath of office, the individual puts his agenda aside and swears to do what is best for the community.

Let’s look at our Town Manager and Town Council.  Each had their personal reasons prior to accepting there new position and taking the oath of office.  Once they took the oath of office they are bound to perform all tasks in accordance with what is best for the community.  Their individual agendas are no longer relevant.

So if the Town Council is going to discuss the qualifications of a candidate; why does it have to go into Executive Session?  If they are going to discuss their personal feeling toward a candidate, then the Town Council has violated Maine Statue 405 and their oath of office by hiding behind in Executive Session, again.

It is critical to this community that everything be discussed in Public and not behind closed door.  The only reason to discuss individual qualifications behind closed doors is if you are doing something the Public would not approve of which is wrong.

Let’s bring back Transparency in our town and stop hiding behind closed doors.

Larry Fillmore

Editors Note: I hope the Councilors aren't trying to load the finance committee with politically like minded individuals.   I only know one of the applicants and he is highly qualified, in fact he was a Town Councilor for 3 years, you can't get better qualifications than  that.

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