Saturday, April 18, 2015

HISTORY WAS MADE IN LISBON ---- by Larry Fillmore

At the last Town Council meeting/workshop, history was made by the Town Council.  This was an epic evening for residents.

The Town Council put all differences aside and did what is best for the community.  This was accomplished by instructing Mrs. Barnes to reduce the Police Department and the Public Works budgets by $100,000.00 each.  This is a great move because the Police budget is close to two million dollars and the Public Works budget is over two million tax dollars.

This action by the Town Council is epic because for as long as I have been in local politics; the Police Department has never been cut.  Instead the Police Department’s budget grows every year.  I only hope that the Town Council will follow through and ensure it is completed rather than just a theatrical joke to impress the people but it will never happen.  This has happen in the past with other Councils.

This Council, up to this point, has been straight forward with the people. Other than the elimination for the Finance Committee, the $600,000.00 cut in the School budget and what I consider illegal Executive Sessions, I strongly believe that this is the best Council this town has had in a very long time.

Larry Fillmore

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