Sunday, March 29, 2015



We have all seen the letter from the State of Maine stating Mr. Leighton cannot use the title as Town Engineer any longer because he is NOT an engineer.  Attached is the response from Town Manager.

If you notice, Mr. Leighton was not relieved as the Town Engineer, only that the Engineer was taken out of his title.  He was never relieved as Town Engineer and will continue to receive the same salary even though he is not qualified.  This is $20,270.00 tax dollars plus benefits could be saved. 

I cannot comprehend how Mr. Leighton can remain in the position as Town Engineer when he is clearly not qualified and be paid our tax dollars when the state acknowledges Mr. Leighton is not an engineer.

Also, did you know that Mr. Leighton is currently the Director of the Treatment Plant drawing $20,270.00 of our tax dollars?  This is significant because our Treatment Plant is rated by the state as a Grade Four plant and Mr. Leighton has only a Grade Two certification.  What this means is that Mr. Leighton cannot operate the treatment facility.  In fact, he cannot sign any of the reports going to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or any other state agency.  All our reports going to the state are signed by the Treatment Plant Operations Manager.  So why are we wasting another $20,270.00 of our tax dollars?

But the bigger question is why is the town hiring personnel who do not have the credentials to do the job?  I understand that Mrs. Barnes has only been here a short time, but this town needs to put a stop to this hiring practice and recoup our tax dollars from the unqualified.  The Town Manager and the Town Council needs to keep a closer eye on our tax dollars.  Wasting our tax dollars on individuals whom do not have the credentials for the position should never occur.

Please contact your Town Manager and Town Councilors and let them know that this is unacceptable.  In this case alone, the Town Manager and the Town Council could save the town over $40,000.00 of our tax dollars.

Larry Fillmore

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