Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why is the Town Council taking so long to approve appointments to the finance committee? by Joe Hill

Several years ago Lisbon gave up its elected "Budget Advisory Board" and formed a Council appointed "Finance Committee". 

At the time Councilors said the new Councilor appointed committee would better serve Lisbon's needs. This change was controversial because it came on the heels of a rather contentious budget season where the Councilors refused to take the advice of the elected Budget Advisory Board.

The last few years have seen this new committee's slots fill mostly with ex Councilors that usually agree with the Council's budget ideas. 

A few weeks ago Community Activist " Larry Fillmore" was appointed to one of the vacant slots on this committee and shortly after his appointment two other civic minded people applied for positions on the committee.  These appointments, if made, will dramatically change the political makeup of the Finance Committee. 

Usually approving appointments to any committee is a formality that is routinely done at the Councils earliest opportunity, but this time I sense hesitation on the Council's part  to approve these qualified applicants.  I do not see any appointments scheduled for tonight's Council Meeting.  Could the Councilors be delaying approval in an effort to minimize opposition to their budget cut choices. I hope this isn't the case.

Call your Councilors and let them know you want these appointments approved tonight so the Finance Committee can start its work.


Joe Hill---LisbonMaine.Net

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