Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Police Budget-----Home Foreclosure---Connection

As budget season rolls around again this year Lisbon Councilors have a life altering decision they must make. They must decide how many more of Lisbon's less fortunate they are willing to kick to the curb in order to continue financing our 31 plus member Police force. (click for PD employee list)

Many may feel that my last statement was overly dramatic but I assure you those people that lost their homes to foreclosure don't think it is sensational. Their lives have been turned upside down. and for what, so Lisbon can boast a large Police force. (click for latest foreclosure list)

Whether we want to believe it or not there is a direct relationship between the money our Councilors allocate to Lisbon PD and the number of foreclosures in Lisbon. All of those Police toys come with a price tag attached and that price is the homes of our elderly, single mothers and  economically less fortunate. 

When new tax bills come out this August we will feel the full effect of last June's "School Bond"` vote. I have heard, from some of those in the know, that we are looking at at least a $1 mil rate increase before we even start this years budget. We can't afford the taxes we have let alone more increases. 

Lisbon is in financial crisis.
It is time for our Councilors to look at eliminating the Lisbon Police and hiring a few Deputy Sheriffs to give out the occasional summons every other day. We are is such bad shape that we could cut $1,000,000 dollars from this coming budget and still have one of the highest taxes in Androscoggin County. Don't take my word for it , do the math. 

Some Councilors argue that in a past "online" survey Lisbon Residents wanted to keep the PD and cut other Departments. This quoted survey was not a "controlled study". Do you think any Police Officers took that survey more than once to keep their jobs? If the Councilors want to govern by survey how about giving us the Department by Department vote overwhelmingly requested by another survey.

Our Council has made many improvements over the past year or so, but more changes are still needed. Our Councilors need to be made aware of the full impact their decisions have on Lisbon's taxpayers on the edge. We don't want to become the Foreclosure capitol of Androscoggin County.

Call your Councilors and let them know what you think.

Joe Hill

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