Tuesday, March 31, 2015


With financial situation the Town of Lisbon is in; there is a need to take a closer look at what our tax dollars are being used for.  Is there a possibility the Department Heads are receiving salaries that the taxpayers cannot afford.  Let’s look at the impact 2% COLA increase for Department Head has on the taxpayers.

2014-2015 SALARY 2% 2015-2016

Town Manager Contract $91,971.00

Assessing                                      $53,040.00     $1,060.90            54,101.00

Code Enforcement                         69,184.08       1,411.92             70,596.00

Finance Just Hired                                                                           66,311.00

Tax Collector                                83,370.56        1,701.44              85,072.00

Town Clerk                                   54,303.76        1,108.24              55,412.00

Police Chief                                  73,647.98        1,503.02              75,151.00

Fire Chief                                      66,064.74        1,348.26              67,413.00

Town Engineer                             78,478.40         1,601.60              80,080.00

Parks                                             43,907.92           896.06               44,804.00

Recreation                                    47,760.30             974.70              48,735.00

Library                                         49,003.92           1,000.08              50,004.00

Economic Community                50,980.58             1,040.42             52,021.00

                                                               TOTAL $16,670.20

This is 13 department heads receiving a COLA increase of $16,670.20 which means that all but two receive over $1,000.00 increase in their pay for next year.  Are any of our citizens receiving $1,000.00 pay raises in one year?  This has been going on for several years.  The majority of our department head’s salaries have blossomed to more than the taxpayers can afford.

In the Police Department, their salaries are growing more than the town can afford.   Here is a prime example:

OVER $50,000 OVER $60,000 OVER $70,000
          5 4 4

This means that 13 out of the 32 individuals on the Police Department roster are making over $50,000.00.  This would not mean much except 12 of the staff are Reserve Personnel.  This is why the Police Department budget is almost 25% of the entire Municipal Budget.

By the way, in the proposed budget for the Police Department, the Police Chief identified only 28 of the 32 on his staff.  Who is paying the other 4?  Where are these accounted for in the budget?

Our community cannot afford these 2% COLA or wage increases for the top echelon.  Is there any wonder our municipal budget is steadily going up along with our taxes.

Larry Fillmore

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