Wednesday, March 4, 2015

RECAP TOWN COUNCIL MEETING – MARCH 3, 2015 --- by Larry Fillmore

Last night the Town Council met and the council chambers were filled. A TV with chairs had been setup in the hallway but there still was't enough room to seat everyone present.  The citizens turned out to protest the council requiring the School Department to cut $600,000.00 out of the 2015-2016 school budget.

Before Superintendent Green presented the school budget, the council conducted their normal business.  The following agenda items were approved by a vote of 6-0 because Councilor Lunt was excused:

1. Public Works Addition – The Council approved and gave permission to go forward on  the 25x80 addition to the current garage.
2. FY 2013 Homeland Security Supplemental Funds – The Council approved Chief Brooks to use $5,666.61 of forfeiture funds for the Voter Repeater System and $9,234.00 of forfeiture funds for two (2) mobile computers (MDTs) for the two new cruisers.    This leaves approximately $19,930.51 of forfeiture funds available.
3. Downtown Omnibus Municipal Tax Increment Financing District Development Program – This was a conditional TIF and the Council approved it.
4. Non-Storm Water Discharge Ordinance (First Reading) – Was approved as provided.
5. Post-Construction Storm Water Management Ordinance (First Reading) – Was approved as provided.
6. Section 47-4 Street Excavation Amendment (First Reading) – Was approved as provided.

Under Other Business – The Town Manager asked the council to hold off on replacing the Parks Director until April to give her time to look at all the options.  The Council agreed.  The Town Manager’s report revealed that there is a listing of unclaimed properties on the town web site under the Town Clerk’s section.  Also, the Police Department study will begin next week and will take 30-90 days.
Superintendent Green presented a preliminary 2015/2016 budget to the council.
This budget did not include the $600,000.00 cut directed by the Council.

During Audience Participation, approximately 25 citizens spoke in support of Mr. Green and against the school budget cuts.  This lasted until approximately 09:20 PM.  

The final order of business was that Mr. Edward Karass was appointed as the new Finance Director for the town of Lisbon.

Larry Fillmore

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