Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is the Town Council trying to Load the Finance Committee with People that Agree with them?

March 24, 2015 budget workshop  by Dot Fitzgerald

At ALL previous budget workshops, tables were set up in council chambers,
with chairs around, for members of the town council, Town Manager,
department heads, and members of the Finance Committee.
A sort of round-table discussion. All were on the same 'playing level'.
At the Tuesday March 24 budget workshop, members of the   town council
and Town Manager were sitting at their appointed seats on the raised dais,
while Larry Fillmore, the only member of the Finance Committee
who cared enough  to attend the meeting,  was seated alone at a table on the floor,
so to speak.  There was not even a chair in place for him to sit on.
I felt that this was an insult to Larry, who as I said, was the ONLY member
of the Finance Committee who cared enough to attend.
Evidently Norma Wells and Charles Smith, the two remaining members
had more pressing things to attend to.
Even though the Town Council has received two very well qualified applicants for
the four vacant seats  they have failed to fill even one seat.
Could it be that they are waiting for the "right people" to apply?

                                                                 Dot Fitzgerald
                                                       A Concerned Lisbon Citizen

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