Thursday, March 12, 2015

Father Faces 20 Years Prison for Treating Daughter’s Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Is this how we should treat medicine?


Adam Koessler wanted to cure his 2-year-old daughter’s rare, stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the abdomen that can be very painful. He learned about the positive medicinal effects of cannabis oil on cancers like his daughter’s and tried to administer the oil in an attempt to heal her. What followed is a complete nightmare.

Despite the fact that:

There is video evidence that cannabis oil attacks cancer cells on the spot
The undeniable reports from doctors that cannabis treats cancer
And the US government has been aware of cannabis’ cancer-curing qualities since at least 1974,

…the Australian government frowned on his attempt to treat her, since he resides in Australia, where medical marijuana is currently illegal.

Adam was recently arrested for “allegedly administering medicinal cannabis oil” to his 2-year-old daughter. He has also been charged with ”possession of a dangerous drug,” which comes with a 20-year jail sentence should he be found guilty. This, despite the fact that medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana is becoming legalized in more areas with each passing year.

Adam can only see his daughter with restricted access, as she has been removed form his care to be treated with aggressive chemotherapy. He is not being informed of her treatment details or progress – if any, and though Adam has tried to send her organic meals through a registered business during her hospital stay, the hospital will not approve delivery of her meals.

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