Championing consumers of the United States who refuse to eat GMO foods, Sunshine Natural Foods and Vitamins is boycotting Kellogg’s, including the Kashi brand which was touted as ‘organic’ by the company, but was exposed as fraud. Sure, it’s a small natural foods store in Grants Pass, Oregon, but it counts!
Kellogg’s recently faced an enormous class-action lawsuit over Kashi and the fact that its products contains sugar which is not derived from ‘juice’ as they claim. In addition to this, 100% of the soy used in Kashi products is GMO-derived. This is anything but ‘all natural’ as the company claimed.
Another New England grocery store decided to remove Kashi brand from its shelves just as sunshine Natural Foods did. They won’t sell the public toxic ingredients that they don’t want.
Perhaps ahead of the curve, they also realize that selling GMOs is not a good way to conduct business. Who wants to alienate millions of possible customers who have made it clear they don’t want genetically modified ingredients in their food?
Furthermore, Kashi donated hundreds of thousands to keep consumers from knowing what is in their food by contributing to the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association’s bid to deny GMO labeling in several states.
It was a small Rhode Island grocer that exposed Kashi for what they really were, and now the public has admirably acted in accord – boycotting anything made by Kellogg’s, and not just the Kashi brand.
Consumers felt duped, but they didn’t act like victims to biotech companies and mega food manufacturers. This, even though consumer complaints were initially brushed off by Kashi general Manager David DeSouza, who told USA Today that since the FDA doesn’t regulate the term “natural,” the cereal maker has done nothing wrong by defining “natural” as minimally-processed with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.
There they go again – the public relations teams of these companies must stay up long nights trying to come up with the lies they tell their executives to push.