Friday, March 13, 2015

British Police Roll Out New ‘Precrime’ Software to Catch Would-Be Criminals

21st Century Wire says…

Here is the latest chapter in your Brave New World

The concept of ‘Precrime’ was first introduced in a 1958 short story by visionary science fiction author Philip K. Dick and was later adapted for the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 blockbuster movie The Minority Report.  The story illustrates how Tom Cruise’s character, Precrime Chief John Anderton, is able to track down and apprehend homicidal criminals beforethey actually commit their crime.

Anderton is aided by a trio of captive psychics called “Precogs” – kept in saline flotation tanks deep inside Precrime Headquarters. The Precogs’ brains are hard-wired into a police supercomputer from which Anderton and his colleagues spend their days sifting through “previsions” of future crimes which the psychics have seen in the future.

PRECOGS: Predictive crime fighting has jumped from science fiction to reality.

Amazingly, the new 2015 precrime systems being pioneered mainly in Great Britain, are using what police are calling “Precobs” – customized precrime software applications tasked with predicting specific behaviors from specific pre-profiled individuals.

Today we’re told this is all about “catching burglars” and “making our neighborhoods safer”, but that’s not really what these systems we designed for. The developers of this software have a much grander vision – one which is identical to what Philip K. Dick warned about in his novels 50 years ago.

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