Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An $81,000 budget savings for the Town of Lisbon


In April 2001, E. Ryan Leighton, was hired as the Town Engineer even though he was not a Licensed Professional Engineer. His salary was the same as a Licensed Professional Engineer would have normally received as starting pay. Mr. Leighton continued this ruse until the State of Maine notified him and the town this was in violation of 32 M.R.S.A. Statute 1351 (emphasis added) (see letter attached).

Since April 2001, Mr. Leighton’s salary has increased to the point it is currently $81,080.00. This however, is divided by four because he has been appointed the Director of Public Works, Director of Solid Waste and Director of the Treatment Plant . This includes the 2% Cost of Living Allowance across the board that is in the current budget.

Any project costing the town more than $100,000.00 had to have a Licensed Professional Engineer perform the engineering duties. This means two things: (1) the Town Council and the Town Manager at the time were aware that Mr. Leighton was not qualified as an engineer and (2) this added an additional expense to the town by having to have a Licensed Professional Engineer perform the Engineering duties.

Mr. Leighton has been impersonating and receiving compensation as an Engineer since April 2001. He did this knowing that he was receiving money from the taxpayers for a job he was not qualified to perform. Webster has a word for this and it is “Embezzlement”. I believe that Mr. Leighton should have to reimburse the taxpayers of this community for the monies he received as an Engineer.

I know that the town has taken his name off the web site as the Town Engineer. This is a good first step and the $20,270.00 currently in the proposed budget should also be eliminated because he is no longer the Town Engineer and will not be in Fiscal Year 2015-2016.

It is time that the current Town Council and Town Manager to take action on Mr. Leighton’s years of impersonating an Engineer and deceiving the taxpayers.
Larry Fillmore

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