Sunday, February 1, 2015

‘She Knows How To Shoot’: Pizza Parlor Employee Wards Off 3 Armed Robbers

Posted February 1, 2015 10:12 am by PatriotRising

Three armed men wearing hoodies stormed into eatery and shot at her during a robbery attempt

After Sarah Cherry’s father was robbed at gunpoint two months ago at an Arkansas Domino’s pizza store, the former Army military police officer began carrying a gun with her for protection to her job at the same restaurant.

Cherry had cause to use that gun — a .380 — Wednesday night when three armed men wearing hoodies stormed into the Blytheville eatery and shot at her during a robbery attempt.

“When she came around [to the front of the store], she didn’t know what was going on,” Cherry’s father, Clint Cherry, told The Daily Caller during a phone interview. “She came around front, and she shot.”

“She was defending the people more than herself,” Cherry added, noting that there were three or four other employees in the store at the time.

Cherry said his daughter fired three shots at the assailants.

“When she shot, they took off. And then she followed them out the door to see where they were going. She might have said a few choice words too,” Cherry joked.

“She knows how to shoot,” the proud father added, mentioning that his daughter was a military police officer during her six years in the Army. “She could have hit them if she wanted to.”

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