Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lisbon Town Council Meeting Recap 02-17-2015

Tuesday's Council Meeting started by recognising Lisbon Cheerleaders for their achievements. All in attendance gave the cheerleaders a warm round of applause.

The Council unanimously approved motions on

  • Tax acquired Property
  • Police Department Study
  • Snow plow operations and mailbox damage
  • Capital Improvement Plan
The Council formed a new subcommittee under the Conservation Committee called the"Bike Committee" .

The Town Manager said she was attempting to arrange the accounting system to place all expenses under the Department that generates the expenses.

The Council accepted three resignations from the "finance committee".

Several people spoke under the Audience Participation part of the meeting.

  • The first gentleman said his mailbox had been destroyed twice by the snowplows and requested payment for a replacement mailbox. The Council decided to pay the gentleman $40 for his mailboxes.
  • Another Man asked why we were spending so much on the Police Department? He felt we could save a lot of money by eliminating the Police Department and hiring 4 Androscoggin County sheriffs at $2000 dollars each. Chairman Pesce asked for more information on the cost of this solution.
  • A lady that lives on Bowdoinham Road spoke about losing her home to the town after the town made an agreement with her to set up a schedule to repay back taxes. This single mother felt the Town shouldn't have taken her money if they planned on taking her property. Her emotional plea to the Council placed a human face on Lisbon's tax problem. I don't know how anyone could vote for a bloated Police Budget when there are people like this woman losing their homes to the high taxes in Lisbon.

In closing I would like to commend our Town Manager for taking on the monumental task of fixing our Accounting System so the average person can understand the true cost of each municipal department.   Thank You

Joe Hill

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