Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lisbon Maine -- Single Mom loses her home to forclosure ------- by Joe Hill

Editors note: This Lady  has had her home returned to her, taxes have been paid in full.

Last Tuesdays Council Meeting brought two related problems to the forefront of our attention. The very high taxes in Lisbon and the excessive Police Department Budget.

If you watch the attached video of Tuesdays Council Meeting and fast forward the play to min. 58:30 you will see one of the victims of our out of control Police Budget.

It is obvious that this lady (Louise P.) is at her wits end trying to save her and her child's home from foreclosure. You can hear her desperation in the cracking voice and misguided assault on our Manager.

This is not a new problem, we have been talking about ways to reduce taxes for more than a decade and the Council(s) have tried everything to reduce spending except CUT THE EXCESSIVE POLICE BUDGET. We are out of options, we must either eliminate or make drastic cuts in the Police budget or resign ourselves to seeing more and more people lose their homes.

 Why is the Council, again this year, tip toeing around the obvious problem. We all know why our taxes are so high! Lisbon has a staff of 32 people in the Police Dept. We don't need a study to tell us that. We are spending somewhere in the neighborhood of a third of our non school budget on a Police Department that writes less than one citation a day. 
This year the Council is trying to get a scape goat (Police manpower study) to justify/blame for what ever small reduction they eventually make to the Police budget.

Councilors News Flash
YOUR MAIN RESPONSIBILITY ISN'T TO THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IT IS TO THE PEOPLE WHOSE HOMES YOU ARE TAKING. Do you know how much anguish and suffering you are causing because you don't want to offend the PD?   

If it were your parents home would you be so slow to act?

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