Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If Maine Govt. charges a $25 Dollar Late Penalty On A $6 Dollar Fee its OK but if YOU do the same Its Price Gouging and Profiteering,

How many loved and well cared for dogs are killed in Maine each year because their owners can't afford the excessive late dog license penalty?

In Lisbon Maine the basic dog license costs $6 dollars, however If you pay that fee one day past the registration cutoff date that 6 dollar fee has a 25 dollar late penalty added making the total cost $31 or over 5 times the original fee. 

What does a person do if they don't have the 400% late penalty? They have two choices.  They can wait until the State of Maine takes them to court and charges them court costs plus the late fee or they can get rid of their canine companion. 

 Lawmakers need to realize not everyone can afford a 400% late fee. There are laws in this country prohibiting people from charging excessive interest on credit why isn't there a law to protect "Mans Best Friend". 

A  license late fee should be just enough to encourage dog owners to pay their license fee on time, it shouldn't be so excessive that it becomes a death warrant for the dog.

Every Dog in Maine
F.E. Stacey

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