Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Amnesty bonanza: IRS to give illegal aliens bigger tax refunds than citizens

The Obama administration will make this year's tax season more painful for some American citizens but it will be a bonanza for illegal aliens who not only broke laws sneaking into the country but also worked illegally, at least until President Barack Obama gave them special exemptions from immigration law by executive fiat. According to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) top administrator on Tuesday, illegal aliens will receive refunds that are up to twice the amount citizens will get, a literal monetary bonanza.

The IRS will soon be Santa Claus to illegal aliens while it raises taxes on citizens.
Courtesy of PolitiCon/Michael Baker
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who some Americans believe has a casual relationship with the truth confirmed that illegal aliens granted de facto amnesty by President Obama’s unilateral decrees will be eligible to receive extra refunds from the IRS for money they earned while working illegally.

The immigration lawbreakers -- even those who committed the felony of re-entering the United States after being deported -- will be given Social Security cards, which means they can go back and submit tax returns for up to three years -- 2011 -- to request a tax Credit. The IRS estimates that illegal aliens will receive billions of dollars in additional payments, despite many of them being "paid-off-the-books."

"This whole deal is being done quietly by the IRS and the Obama administration and most of the legacy news media are going along with the scheme by either ignoring the illegal alien tax refunds or by being disingenuous in their coverage," said former police investigator and corporate security and risk management director, Walter Edsel Davis. "This is another case of Obama lawlessness and the news media are aiding and abetting that lawlessness," Davis noted.

Commissioner Koskinen, who took over the job in the midst of a far reaching scandal, stated that there are legal limits regarding how far they can go back, but he added that his "current interpretation of laws would allow [illegal immigrants] to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, even though past employers never reported paying salaries to these workers. Only those with a valid Social Security number and those being handed valid numbers by Obama are permitted to claim their tax reforms."

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