Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Teen entrepreneurs stopped by cops after offering ‘snow removal’ services for neighbors

By Shepard Ambellas
BOUND BROOK, N.J. (INTELLIHUB) — Apparently the world isn’t like it was when I was a kid, no more Kool-Aid stands, no more doing yard work for cash, no more shoveling snow, as the government now has their hands in everything, regulating all aspects of our lives.
When I was a kid I remember passing out fliers to do yard work which would earn me in the range of $15-$20 a yard, raking leaves or mowing.
I also remember setting up a Kool-Aid stand on the street corner at the age of 8, garnering the attention from neighbors willing to pay a dollar for each glass.
However those days are over.
During the recent snow storm school was closed and a few high school seniors were eager to make some extra cash by helping out their neighbors. But moments into their venture they were shutdown by local cops.
Eric Schnepf, 18, and Matt Molinari, 18, were dumbfounded when they were shutdown by police after someone called 911 complaining that the boys were passing out flyers offering “snow removal” services in the area.
Bound Brook NJ Events/Facebook
[Police Chief Michael] Jannone said an officer was dispatched to the street because a resident called to report a “suspicious person” with curly blond hair and a hoodie who was walking through yards.
A responding officer told the young men that it wasn’t safe to be out and to come back during the day.
Jannone said his department has no interest in cracking down on kids who want to shovel sidewalks or driveways. The law was made for transient scam artists who prey on the vulnerable, he said.
“The spirit of the ordinance is to protect residents from gypsy activity. People will solicit door to door and target the elderly and get into their house,” he said.reported USA Today.
Apparently a local law in the area prevents people from doing such work unless they purchase a rather pricy license from the city for $450 which allows work for 180 days. And at $15 to $20 dollars a yard/driveway, the price of the license wouldn’t be feasible for one to profit.

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