Saturday, January 24, 2015


In late 2013, the Police Department received approximately $71,000.00 plus in forfeiture funds to be utilized strict by the Lisbon Police Department.  These funds, by law, are to be used to enhance the Police Department.

During the 2014-2015 budget season, Chief Brooks presented a Capital Improvement Plan with numerous vehicles, additional radios, and a Digital Imaging Unit.  As we all know, the Town Council approved the purchase of two vehicles using taxpayers’ dollars instead of these forfeiture funds.  Chief Brooks argued that the radios and Digital Imaging Unit were both critical to the operations of the Police Department but the Town Council did not approve tax dollars for their purchase.  The Town Council approved an increase of approximately $74,000.00 tax dollar for the Police Department.

Here, we are again starting the 2015-2016 budget season.  On the 2016 Capital Improvement Plan, Chief Brooks has listed several vehicles, radios and again the Digital Imaging Unit to be purchased using our tax dollars.

It would appear that Chief Brooks either does not have his priorities straight or he is hoping to stick it to the taxpayers again this year.  Since Chief Brooks received the $71,000.00 plus in forfeiture funds, he has received an additional $983.00 from the state in forfeiture funds.  Now in all fairness, Chief Brooks has purchased 3 assault rifles, balls and ball launcher plus a bed for the K-9, and a GPS.   These items were all put ahead of the radios and the Digital Imaging Unit.  

According to the 2016 Capital Improvement Plan, the estimated cost on the radios is $34,600.00 and the estimate cost of the Digital Imaging Unit is $6,000.00.  I have a copy of Purchase Order for everything Chief Brooks spent using the forfeiture fund through November 19, 2014 and according to my figures there remains approximately $38,401.78.  Chief Brooks has more than enough to purchase the Digital Imaging Unit, so why is it still on the Capital Improvement Plan?  Had Chief Brooks not purchased “Toys for the Boys”, he could have purchased the radios also but apparently the radios were not as important as the “Toys for the Boys”.  Chief Brooks is fully aware the Town Council will approve anything he wants using our tax dollars.

Chief Brooks has been manipulating Town Council for years and probably will continue to do so until he retires.  I mean for real.  Chief Brooks has already retired once from the town and was rehired the next day at the same salary.

The Town Council needs to put an immediate stop to Department Heads sticking it to the taxpayers.

Larry Fillmore

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