Thursday, January 22, 2015


On Tuesday night, January 20th, the Town Council held its regular meeting with a workshop following the meeting.  This is a summary of what took place.

The following agenda items were approved by a vote of 7-0:

1. Gas/Diesel pumps card swipe system – The Council approved for the Public Works Director to go out for bids on card swipe systems or a system that ties the vehicle to the pump with radio frequency.

2. Public Works garage addition – The Council approved for the Public Works Director to proceed forward and request bids to add a 25’X80’ steel structure to the current Public Works garage provided the School Board was notified and asked to join in on a possibility of a larger building.

3. Moxie Festival – The Council approved to have the Department Heads for Police, Fire and Public Works to budget for the Moxie Festival instead of charging the Moxie Festival Committee for their services.

4. Directive on Municipal Budget – The Council provided the Town Manager with a directive to reduce the budget by $300,000.00 and no increase on the mil rate.

5. Directive on School Budget – The Council directed the School Department to reduce their current budget by $600,000.00.

6. Budget Schedule – The Council approved to have this item tabled so the Town Manager could make some additional changes. 

7. Amend Div. 3 Health & Safety Section 82.78 Food Regulations (First Reading).

8. Amend Ch. 70 Zoning Div. 14 – Sec. 70-1 Definitions, Sec.70-564 Dimensional Requirements, Sec. 70-536 Dimensional Requirements, Sec. 70-815 Overlay Zone District Descriptions, and Sec. 70-155 Variance Limitations (First Reading).

Maine State Retirement System (MSRS) Hiring Process Policy – The Town Manager provided two options for the Council to consider.  The majority of the Council voted to accept Option 2.  Council Chris Brunelle did not vote because the outcome directly affected him because he is under MSRS and works for the Town.

Under Other Business – The Council was provided an update on the Performance Contract schedule of events for this project by the Public Works Director.  Mrs. Tracey Steuber provided an update on the Town’s application for CDBG Funds.  The Council reviewed the Water Department Study and accepted the recommendation from Eaton Peabody with the stipulation of waiting until a cost analysis could be performed and a gradual transition could be made so not to disrupt normal work flow.  The Town Manager announced the plans of Mrs. Keller at the Library to retire shortly. She also announced the cost of the TIF would be $3,000.00 by the law firm of Brann Isaacson. 

Under Audience Participation – Mr. Mark LaRoche provided a briefing on the upcoming meeting at the MTM Center, February 10th, at 06:30 PM to discuss the Lisbon Farmer’s Union.

Under Appointments – The Council accepted Mrs. Lori Pomelow resignation from the Finance Committee. 

The meeting was adjourned and the Council went into a workshop with a lengthy discussion of the town owned property not in use.  There are several pieces that need to go onto the market and some too small to market.

Larry Fillmore

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