Sunday, January 18, 2015

New polls show public prefers gun rights over gun control

By John Kaminski

Maybe Americans are smarter than we thought. If recent gun law polls are any indication, the Jewish public relations blitz by Israeli-firsters in Congress and Zionist shills in the mainstream media has not convinced the American people that they need to be prevented from owning guns.
Add in the growing skepticism of all these suspicious violent episodes sprouting up all over the world — specifically Paris and Sydney — that are turning out to be false flag facsimiles of terror events, and you have a clear trend that people prefer having their own guns rather than relying on untrustworthy cops and being restricted by increasingly intrusive gun control laws.
People are beginning to remember that private gun ownership is the one thing that assures their government won't abuse them.
It now appears that the government's Jewish-dominated, obnoxious and misleading campaign for new restrictive gun control laws has failed, if the results of these three major polls are any indication.
In addition these poll results favoring the public's right to bear arms comes despite the tragic but suspicious Sandy Hook event, which indicates significant skepticism on the part of the public that the much publicized so-called massacre of schoolchildren actually happened.
In December 2014, the Pew Research Center poll revealed that 52 percent of respondents said it was more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than it was to enact new gun control laws. This was a 9-point increase since 2012 in the percentage of Americans who said gun ownership is more important than gun control.
More and more people now believe more guns means less crime. 
When criminals understand people are capable of protecting themselves, crime decreases.
A recent Gallup poll was 63-30 in favor of the Second Amendment, yet New World Order politicians continue to rev up the hysteria against private ownership of firearms. CNN's poll showed 50 percent were in favor of no additional gun control laws.
All the polls say the same thing — a majority of Americans believe gun rights are more important than gun control. 
Despite the media blitz in favor of gun control, people are acknowledging the notion that guns not only protect them against crime, they protect them against the government, particularly against psycho cops who shoot innocent people for no particular reason. Americans killed by cops now outnumber Americans killed in the Iraq war <>
The Crime Prevention Research Center reports that opposition to gun control has been increasing over the last couple of decades. <
And in particular, the Gallup Poll result was a shockingly large turnaround. An increase of 49 points over a 2000 poll in which Americans went 51-35 FOR gun control had changed in 2014 to 63-30 AGAINST gun control. This despite the fact that gun control groups spend seven times as much money on ads as do pro gun groups.
The general consensus among Americans seems to be that authorities seem a lot more interested in taking guns from legal owners than they are in stopping crime on the streets. 

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