Sunday, January 25, 2015

In Dusseldorf, Germany a court has ruled that it is permissible for men to urinate while standing.

The ruling came after a landlord in the sixth most populous city in Germany sought nearly $2,855 in damages to repair a bathroom floor. The landlord claimed the floor had “lost its sheen” by being regularly sprinkled with urine by a male tenant.

Germans are debating whether men should sit or stand when urinating. Some public toilets in the country have red traffic-style signs advising men to sit while peeing.

The German case follows debate over “manspreading” on public transport in the United States.

The posture of men on subways cars and buses in New York and other cities has served as a rallying call for feminists who want to outlaw the practice.

In December, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation (MTA) Authority launched a campaign to curb “inelegant male posture” on public transport.

“Expect to see many more campaigns in which feminist activists, local police, academic administrators, politicians, government bureaucrats, journalists, and community leaders form partnerships to quell unruly male behavior,” writes Janice Fiamengo.

Editors Note: Hey guys make sure you keep you knees together on public transportation and there will be no more standing while peeing.   Time to start taking these Feminists to court. May be these women shouldn't have twice the bathroom space.  This is obvious discrimination against men.

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