Thursday, December 25, 2014

'Monumentally Stupid' Anti-Gun PSA Urges Kids to Steal Parents’ Firearms

Jennifer O'NeillWriterDecember 23, 2014

Photo: Sleeper 13 Productions

For once, gun control advocates and gun rights groups agree — they’re fired up about a new video that urges kids to steal their parents’ guns and hand them over to teachers at school.
The controversial Dec. 13 clip from Sleeper 13 Productions in San Francisco, titled “Stop Gun Violence - PSA,” shows a teenage boy take a handgun from his mother’s dresser drawer, stash it in his backpack, and bring it to class. Walking up to his teacher after the period ends, the student slaps the gun on her desk. “Can you take this away?” the child actor asks the shocked teacher. “I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

Then the messages “Our children deserve a safe world” and “Stop gun violence now” are plastered onscreen before production credits run, notably lacking any sponsors or collaborating organizations.

The nearly 3-minute video has been viewed more than 320,000 times since it was released on YouTube 10 days ago, and it has prompted over 6,300 comments, the majority of them critical. More than 18,000 viewers gave it a thumbs-down, compared to just 138 “likes,” one of which applauded the piece as “truly inspiring.”

Irresponsible is more like it, wrote another commentator: “This encourages children to lie and steal. It endangers the children and others, and puts them at risk by encouraging them to handle weapons they probably haven’t had any training with.” Yet another critic weighed in: “Gun safety isn’t about getting people to ‘steal’ guns and give them away but teaching people, children, adults, whomever about gun safety.”

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