Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lawsuit: Cops Confiscate Guns From Home After False Arrest

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Police refuse to return guns despite dropping all charges nearly four months ago

After falsely arresting a concealed carry permit holder nearly four months ago, Bakersfield, Calif., police confiscated all the guns from his home and never returned them, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

The permit holder, former vice principal Kent Williams, was arrested at Tevis Junior High School on Aug. 28 for carrying on campus despite state law exempting concealed carry permit holders.

Police then went to Williams’ home and confiscated his entire collection of firearms.

“If it was you or I, we would call it theft,” Williams’ attorney, Daniel Rodriguez, said after filing the civil lawsuit.

Williams was released without charges a few hours after his arrest but police have not returned his guns nearly 15 weeks after the incident.

“My client was arrested illegally,” Rodriguez told The Bakersfield Californian. “To arrest someone you have to have probable cause; once they saw the concealed weapons permit, there was no probable cause.”

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