Sunday, December 14, 2014

Judge Found Guilty by Federal Jury ----for arranging the false arrest of a woman who alleged that she had been sexually propositioned by him.

By Newsroom America Staff at 12 Dec 16:40

(Newsroom America) -- Former Murray County Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant L. Cochran has been found guilty by a federal jury for arranging the false arrest of a woman who alleged that she had been sexually propositioned by Cochran, for tampering with a witness, and for sexually assaulting a county employee.
“Cochran abused the trust placed in him by the people of Murray County,” said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates.
“Cochran used the power and influence of his judicial position in a way that is the fundamental opposite of justice, arranging to have a citizen falsely arrested after she accused him of sexual misconduct. There is no greater breakdown in the justice system than when a judge uses his authority to wrongly seek to deprive a citizen of her liberty.”
According to the charges presented in court: From January 1, 2004, to August 15, 2012, Bryant Cochran served as the Chief Magistrate Judge in Murray County, Ga. In that position, Cochran sexually assaulted a Murray County employee and unlawfully searched the personal cellular telephone of another Murray County employee.
In addition, on April 9, 2012, Cochran met with a female citizen regarding a legal matter. During the meeting, Cochran made inappropriate sexual advances towards the citizen. By mid-July 2012, the allegations of Cochran’s sexual misconduct towards the citizen had become public. In response, Cochran called several local police officers providing them with a “tip”—that the citizen carried drugs in her vehicle.
In an effort to discredit the citizen, on or about August 12, 2012, Clifford J. Joyce (who was a tenant of Cochran’s and who has been convicted of conspiring to distribute a controlled substance based on the attempted “framing”) planted a metal tin containing five packets of methamphetamine under the citizen’s car.
Two days later, on August 14, 2012, Murray County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joshua Greeson (who has since been convicted of witness tampering) conducted a traffic stop on a car occupied by the citizen.
During the traffic stop, several officers and a police drug dog searched the car for approximately ten minutes—but did not find any drugs. Thereafter, Captain Michael Henderson (who is Cochran’s cousin and who has also been convicted of witness tampering) had an approximately two minute telephone conversation with Cochran.

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