Monday, November 17, 2014

Second Person Dies of Ebola in the US

Lily Dane 

The Daily Sheeple
November 17th, 2014
It has just been reported that a surgeon who was being treated for Ebola at a Nebraska hospital has died.
From AOL:
Dr. Martin Salia, 44, who arrived Saturday from West Africa in dire health, was pronounced dead Monday morning from the virus. He reportedly tested negative for the virus despite having been in the throes of infection.
Dr. Salia, a Maryland resident, was treating Ebola in his home country of Sierra Leone when he became ill. He was transported to the Nebraska Medical Center’s biocontainment unit on Saturday, where two other Ebola patients were successfully treated.
Dr. Salia was said to be near death when he arrived in Omaha.
His first Ebola test came back negative. Dr. Salia’s symptoms worsened, and five days passed before he was given another test.
That one was positive:
The doctors who tended to him in Freetown appeared to be unaware that an early Ebola test — taken within the first three days of the illness — is often inconclusive. In a country where information about the disease continues to move slowly, it was another potentially tragic mistake.

In many cases, a negative test at that stage means nothing because “there aren’t enough copies of the virus in the blood for the test to pick up,” said Ermias Belay, the head of the CDC’s Ebola response team in Sierra Leone.
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