Saturday, November 1, 2014

PLEASE MAKE TIME TO VOTE!!!! -----by Larry Fillmore

This coming Tuesday, November 4th, is voting day.  Many many Americans have sacrificed a great deal for the right to voice your opinion by voting in elections.  It would be a disgrace and a waste of many lives to not exercise your right to vote.  So, please make time Tuesday, November 4th to vote. 

There are several facts that are important to consider before casting your vote for Town Council:

1. Dale Crafts needs to attend more Council meetings and learn what and how the Town Council works and what the town’s issue are.
2. Dean Willey is the only candidate who is a taxpayer and has suffered the tax increases and knows the efforts on families.
3. Dean Willey owns a home in Lisbon.
4. Dean Willey is very involved in the community.
5. Lisa Ward does not pay real estate tax in Lisbon.
6. The three years Lisa Ward has been on the council our taxes have gone up every year.
7. Lisa Ward blocked every attempt to cut the Police Department budget.
8. Lisa Ward thrown out a resident, after she recognized him, for speaking against the Police Department Budget.   Our freedom of speech has been lost. 

Please take these facts into consideration when you vote for the best candidate for Town Council.

The most critical issue is that every resident of Lisbon take the time to vote.

Larry Fillmore

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