Saturday, November 15, 2014

Over 50 Inches of human caused global Warming Blankets Wisconsin Town; Possible State Recor

By Jon Erdman Published: Nov 14, 2014, 9:11 PM EST

Impressive snow piled up in the Montreal, Wisconsin neighborhood of Gile on Thursday, November 13, 2014. (Twitter/Jason Juno via Jim Cantore)

A northern Wisconsin town picked up over 50 inches of snow since Monday, and that may have set a state snowstorm record.

A weather observer in Gile, Wisconsin, technically part of the town of Montreal, measured 50.1 inches of snow from the morning of November 10 through early morning on November 14.

Yes, you read that right: over four feet of snow in just four days' time in this area about 100 miles east of Superior, Wisconsin, or just southwest of Ironwood, Michigan.

Photos tweeted to meteorologist Jim Cantore by Jason Juno (shown above) showed giant snowpiles, some of which appeared to be over six feet high, in the town Thursday night.

The massive snow accumulation was due to a combination of widespread snowfall from Winter Storm Astro earlier in the week, followed by several days of lake-effect snow as cold air poured over the relatively warm and still unfrozen waters of Lake Superior.

In responding to a question from Cantore whether a 50+ inch snowstorm had ever been recorded in the Badger State in November, the National Weather Service office in Duluth took a preliminary look:

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